Revisiting old work doesn't have to hurt

25 May 2017

Spend too much time looking backwards and you’re likely to walk into a tree.


Defining custom tree root nodes in Umbraco

01 February 2017

If you’ve been fiddling with Umbraco for a little while, you may well have stuck a finger into the custom tree or section pie.


Customising URLs in Umbraco

14 September 2016

By default, Umbraco builds logical URLs based on the backoffice content structure - usually this works fine, but there are cases when it’s useful to be a bit clever.


Customising Umbraco without touching core files

04 July 2016

One of Umbraco’s greatest strengths is that it is easily customisable and extensible.


Fun with gradients and border radius

25 May 2016

I like to think I have a pretty solid grasp on the nuances of CSS - I spend a good chunk of my time writing, reviewing, refactoring and debugging it.


Passion alone won't get you a start in a new industry

14 May 2016

What happens when you’ve made the decision to pursue a new career path but realise that the change would require a range of new skills which at present, you simply don’t have in your tool belt?


Perfecting a loosely coupled integration

22 April 2016

Just because we’re pushing data into a third-party system, doesn’t mean our user should be force to interact with said system.


Accessing Angular controller functions from outside the controller

31 March 2016

TIL: you don’t need to be inside an Angular controller to make Angular magic happen.


Watching variables while using AngularJs' ControllerAs syntax

14 March 2016

I’ve jumped on the ControllerAs syntax party bus, and find myself writing clearer, more modular code. Which is fantastic.


Parsing natural(ish) language with Javascript

03 March 2016

I’m working on a project to convert static html pages into dynamic, interactive study planners for our students.


Millennials quick to look elsewhere

13 February 2016

Australian businesses could see large swathes of their workforce heading for the door, unless they improve their retention strategies for millennial workers.


Custom GitHub Pages domains with Cloudflare

09 February 2016

GitHub is a great tool. Cloudflare is also a great tool. Combine the two you get domain name awesomeness.


A job interview will not kill you

06 February 2016

A job interview can feel a lot like a police interrogation, (hopefully) minus the bright lights, handcuffs and lawyers.


Functions in AngularJs' orderBy filter

21 January 2016

AngularJs’ orderBy filter, not surprisingly, is really good at setting an array’s order.


Bridging the gender pay gap

08 January 2016

We all know the gender pay gap is a real thing.


Want a payrise? Ask for it

19 December 2015

How much are you really worth?


Remote debugging with Chrome and Android

02 November 2015

Chrome’s DevTools tray has a heap of useful features, including device emulation, but sometimes a physical device is a heap more useful.


UBI - it's not an STD, it's guaranteed income

21 October 2015

In the 2014-2015 financial year, the Australian Government spent more than $140 billion on welfare. In the same period, the entire Federal Budget consisted of a touch more than $450 billion in expenditure.


Quick and easy photo galleries with Google Drive

09 October 2015

While there are thousands of image gallery plugins floating around, sometimes it’s just as easy to re-invent the wheel.


Have you missed your professional boat?

26 September 2015

If you haven’t hit your professional highs by the time you’re 27, you’ve missed the boat.


Compiling async content (or hey, my directive isn't working)

22 July 2015

The front-end of this site is was previously an AngularJs app, for no other reason than I wanted to build an AngularJs app.


Generating color gradiations using SCSS

18 July 2015

Let’s use some CSS pre-processing goodness to generate a colour palette.


When hidden overflows insist on overflowing

01 July 2015

Hiding container overflow is a pretty simple mission - pick the axis and give it a value.


Tread carefully, Chrome might start deleting from your filesystem

30 June 2015

Google’s Chrome browser is a great piece of kit, when it’s not deleting entire folders of work from my file system.


Indexing Archetype content in Umbraco

24 June 2015

Imulus’ Archetype package is great, but what’s the point if your users can’t search the content?


Indexing Archetype content in Umbraco - Pt II

24 June 2015

While a custom indexer will absolutely get the job done, it’s overkill.


How good are SASS loops?

19 May 2015

How good? Really good. And they’re even better when you use them to generate content.


Pretty URLs in AngularJs apps

09 May 2015

If you’ve spent any time in AngularJs-land, you’ll be familiar with finding the hash character in your URLs.


Suppressing dirty checking in Umbraco dashboard inputs

07 May 2015

I’ve been playing with a new Umbraco dashboard package - more on that later - and had run into an issue where Umbraco’s inbuilt Angular goodness was dirty-checking inputs in my dashboard.


Using PrismJs syntax highlighting with AngularJs

02 May 2015

Code samples without syntax highlighting is like Mexican food without sour cream.


IE11, Windows 8 and fixed background images

19 April 2015

While Internet Explorer 11 is vast improvement on its ancestors, it’s not without oddities of its own.