Compiling async content (or hey, my directive isn't working)

Last updated: 22 July 2015

The front-end of this site is was previously an AngularJs app, for no other reason than I wanted to build an AngularJs app.

UPDATE: Moving this site to Jekyll threw up a similar issue, where CodePen embeds weren’t parsed in the markdown files. Removing the async attribute from the embedded script tag solves this.

Which is great. I have a RESTful API serving up my content (from an Umbraco instance hosted on Azure’s free tier), which I can then template and route and manipulate to my little heart’s content.

Until I wanted a CodePen embed.

The problem there being that while I can easily add the required Javascript to my template, and send the markup down via the API, the content arrives after - only slightly, but still after - the Javascript has been parsed.

So it didn’t work.

I plugged in this nifty directive by Jurgen Van de Moere, crossed my fingers and hoped it would magically solve my async woes (while knowing full well that it wouldn’t).

It didn’t.

Same problem - async content arrives after my template has compiled.

The solution was pretty straightforward - I watch for changes in the object containing the CodePen markup. In the watch, I set a brief timeout, an when that expires, I can traverse the DOM to find the CodePen embed, and recompile it:

Content.getBySlug($routeParams.slug, type).then(function (response)
    $scope.html = $sce.trustAsHtml(response.html);

    $scope.$watch('html', function ()
        setTimeout(function ()
            var codepen = document.querySelectorAll('.codepen');
            angular.forEach(codepen, function(elm){
        }, 1);

The rest, as they say in the classics, is history. I’m just happy with CodePen embeds.